Digital connectivity is the lifeblood of business in the 21st Century. An ever increasing requirement for network and data capacity is driven by the vast amount of digitisation going on in today’s economy. Driven largely my the mobile revolution, moving in to the digital age is mandatory for any business seeking to capture a share of any market where choice between vendors is open.

Having the infrastructure both within and attached to your business is a critical part of digitisation. It set the foundation on which business applications and platforms are to be set, so it stands to reason that business leaders found new digital strategies on the best foundations available.

Securing your assets

Securing property and data is critical in today’s ultra connected environment. We can help you harness the power of connectivity while maintaining security best practice over critical elements of your business, both physical, and virtual.

As more personal, financial, health-related, and other sensitive data is collected, processed and disseminated online, protection of the infrastructure and the perimeters would demand more depth and breadth in knowledge. While many businesses rely on external IT resources, some lack the expertise or the internal resources required to assess and enhance the security of your organization’s dynamic IT infrastructure and networks.

To compliment digital threats, organisations must also consider how exposed their business is to physical threats that range from information leakage to loss of property. Being able to identify and capture evidence for law enforcement is critical, and the evidence must be of suitable quality to ensure swift action.

What is your appetite for risk?

Cyber-crime is inevitable. Repeatedly, organizations’ networks are used as channels for the delivery of attacks or the networks have become the targets of attacks. While previous threat assessments focused on the delivery of viruses or malicious software, cyber-crime today is almost exclusively theft of sensitive information, or ransomware attacks that lock up your files and hold access to them to ransom. In regulated environments, the adverse impacts of a breach are often times amplified for organisations.

What we can do

Our ICT professionals are able to assess your current infrastructure for capability and security, as well as survey your premises for security risks, then advise on best practise and any potential shortfalls to be overcome. In proposing upgrades we offer Cisco Meraki cloud managed netowrks, Wi-Fi Access points, Enterprise device (and mobility) management services, security cameras, and when available, communications.

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