Businesses manage a substantial number of documents across many departments which can often be difficult. Our document management software streamlines the entire process from scanning the initial paper-based files through to sharing them with staff.

Fuji Xerox Docushare

When staff need fast access to critical business information, DocuShare is the best option. This is an easy and flexible content management system that can automate business processes so that customers, partners and constituents can access, share and process information.

DocuShare is recognised as one of the most flexible, easy-to-use content management platforms on the market today. It manages a wide range of paper and digital content and automates your business processes so your organization’s, customers, constituents, and partners can efficiently access, share and process business critical information 24 x 7.

Companies using DocuShare have realized dramatic benefits, including:

  • Up to 80% reduction in time spent finding information
  • Up to 50% savings in operational costs
  • Reduces costs and carbon footprints by using less paper, energy, and shipping
  • Reduce risk, improve control, with rock-solid security
  • Efficient compliance with comprehensive audit trails
  • Rapid adoption – easy Web-based interface lets distributed workforce and customers access and share information from anywhere

DocuShare content management platform is proven and comprehensive

  • Automates business processes to take minutes instead of weeks
  • Increases agility that delivers competitive advantages
  • Speeds information to customers; increases satisfaction and loyalty
  • Standardises your business processes and achieve compliance
  • Integrates with your environment, including your Fuji Xerox multifunction device
  • Improves your bottom line


East of Deployment/ Use

Web browser interface that supports commonly used browsers. No client software required
Access and manage content from any location and at any time
Windows desktop interface via downloadable DocuShare Client application
Allows users to continue using familiar desktop tools
Cross-platform support
Supports Windows, Linux, Solaris servers
Intuitive user interface. Minimal end-user training required
Speeds deployment and adoption
Distributed administration
Reduces IT burden by allowing administrator groups to manage the site. Supports centralized control as needed
End-users upload, organize, and manage own documents; create own groups
Eliminates most administrative overheads
Single content management platform
Scales to add more users and store more content without disruption to production


Content Management

Document check-out/ check-in, version control, and version history
Prevents simultaneously editing and allows users to track document versions along with a change history
Document- and version-level permissions
Controls access to content, based on organizational needs
Powerful full-text and metadata search engine
Speeds finding information and documents when needed
Ability to view and print most common document types from the Web browser using DocuShare’s View in HTML feature
Eliminates need to first launch application. Native application not needed


Collaboration and Content Sharing

Threaded discussions
Facilitates discussions across time zones
WYSIWYG blogs and wikis
Enables easy collaboration and information sharing
Web-based collaborative workspaces
Enables teams to assemble task-specific information, people, and reference material in a centralized area
Email notifications of new and changed content
Keeps work groups up-to-date. Notifications include URLs (not attachments), which saves space and load on mail servers and on network bandwidth
Email Agent
Enables users to share email content by sending messages and attachments to DocuShare collections, workspaces, and other users, and groups

Fuji Xerox Docushare Video

DocuShare 7 Brochure


ABBYY FlexiCapture

ABBYY FlexiCapture is document management software that focuses on capturing and transforming multiple data and document structures into business-ready data. The software is equipped with recognition technologies, automatic document classification functionalities and is built with a scalable and customizable architecture.

The platform has an available iOS mobile application that allows businesses to use smartphones as mobile document scanners, as well as allowing users to send scanned documents and images to the company’s back-end system from remote locations. Additionally, the software provides users with automated data entry and forms processing tools, and can interpret OCR, ICR, alpha and numeric, OMR and barcodes from scanned and faxed documents.


ABBYY FlexiCapture Key Features

  • Available as both Standalone and Distributed configurations
  • Automated data extraction capabilities
  • Multilingual
  • Customizable data verification station
  • Custom report generation tools


ABBYY FlexiCapture Video