Flexible Working 101

Times and technology are rapidly changing. With the adoption of new mobile, collaborative technologies and flexible delivery through cloud applications, organisations wanting to meet their business objectives need to stay in tune with the changing landscape.

As workplaces become more flexible and communications more mobile, the concept of office is becoming more abstract.

Limited connectivity and delayed response times are concerns of the past. It’s hard to compete with the simplicity of searching for a document name on your computer and seeing it within seconds.

Workplace flexibility is more than a “perk”

It’s a strategic approach that empowers employee to do their jobs more efficiently from anywhere without feeling “out of the loop”.

In almost all areas of business, it’s now possible to get rid of paper entirely and create your own virtual briefcase. Digital documents are a simpler, easier to store and send, more searchable and more versatile than paper.

Your digital documents can be stored, retrieved, indexed and searched much faster than paper ones. Cloud-based applications let you share data easily with peers, clients and suppliers – giving you more flexibility to run your business from anywhere, and get what you need whenever you need it.

Smart Work Gateway helps you bridge your physical and digital content, by giving you the technology and tools to lead and succeed in the world of flexible working.

Fuji Xerox Smart Work Gateway helps you stay ahead.
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Source: Fuji Xerox Australia